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Friday, 19 April 2013


I hate you! Rather I have developed this hatred for you since the past few months. Here I was blissful in anonymity; post the deed well done, till you mainstreamed me. Many things have been written about me recently ranging from uninformed, well intentioned but wrong, stupid, outrageous and some bordering on downright hilarious to say the least. All this attention though is bothering me no end, not to mention the downright libelous things being spoken about me.  Well the last straw did break the back and hence I take it upon myself to set the record straight so that one can reach my authentic autobiography. I, your friendly neighborhood Rapist.
Why shouldn’t I rape her? It is all her fault. For wasn’t she the one who bit the forbidden fruit in the Garden of Eden?  Hence she is an object to be killed when she is a foetus. Should she survive this attempt, she must either be abandoned or as my midwife friends in many villages do, fed with a liberal dose of ‘Aralippal’ to put her in eternal slumber. But we know this girl is a pretty tough species to get rid of easily. So we must prepare her to a life suited for her. Education did you say?  Why, when all she has to do is to listen to me, that’s all the intelligence she requires. Household chores she must learn because she is a servant. She should eat last, less, left over or starve as she is inferior. She should be prepared to be wed/sold as and when it catches my fancy or the need arises to the highest bidder. Isn’t she ‘Paraya Dhan’ anyway? (Disposable property my Tamil friends, welcome!) Why shouldn’t I profit from this ‘dhan’? She shouldn’t wear clothes of her choice, love and marry as she wishes, go where she wants after dark, decide her destiny, nothing. These go on to make her a person of bad character. Of course she will wear revealing clothes for films, sell flesh in every market from Kamathipura to Sonagachi and more, will walk the streets after dark to pick hungry customers when I say so! I have been raping her in million different ways and here are you, the ignoramus, raising a hue and cry for a simple act of intercourse against her wishes or an odd tap to her vagina with an iron rod.

STOP! If you get the impression that I am some sort of a fiend, I think it is my duty to correct you here and now! I love women, nay worship her.  Haven’t you seen me in temples from Kashmir to Kanyakumari offering clothing, jewellery, ‘prasad’ to her? Haven’t you seen me offer my hair as a mark of respect at Velankanni? Haven’t you seen me cover her in a protective black tent so as to avoid your ‘evil eye’?  Every ‘aadi maasam’ I organize festivals for her and feed ‘koozh’ to poor in her name.  I take ‘padayatra’ to Deorala in respect of her supreme sacrifice of joining her husband in his funeral pyre and become ‘Rani Sati’. I deck up the entire city of Kolkata, nay the entire state of Bengal and more to celebrate her annual arrival during Pooja and its Gujrati/Tamil variant ‘Navratri’. I try my best to stop her from visiting ‘mazaar’ of ‘Pir’ like Haji Ali lest they get afraid of spirits. I have even developed dance forms like ‘Garbha’ to celebrate the ‘sacred womb’ that she is blessed with. In Thiruchengode in Tamil Nadu is a temple where I have given half the body of Lord Shiva to her, ‘ArdhaNarishwaran’ as we call him. (Ardha-Half, Nari-Women, Ishwaran – Lord, Welcome). What more can I say about my ‘devotion’ for her!

I, Rapist have been outraged by this incessant focus on me being a pervert, a sadist, an animal and what not. My village background, my lack of education, my lack of ‘cool quotient’, my class, even my race, geography I belong to, has been dissected in reams of newsprint and hours of primetime television.  I mean that’s like missing the trees for the woods. Since when has education, urban background, bulging bank balance, ‘upmarket’ community or south Indian geography prevented me? I rape, period. Class, region, education, BPL status, age, religion no bar. Please note, I rape because I have been programmed to treat her like a worthless piece of garbage that she is. I rape, every minute, every day! And if you still want me punished, let the man who has never sinned throw the first stone! Amen!
Now where did she go??.................................

                                                                         --- End of Part 1---

Part 2 is in the offing. If you are not already disgusted with this ‘Mirror’ that is…………

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