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Thursday, 16 May 2013



I LOVE YOU! You know I love you. And I never tire of declaring my love for you again and again, as many times as possible. If given a choice I would sing ‘bhajanai of these three magic words every minute, every second for you. For I don’t want an iota of doubt in your or for that matter anyone’s mind about this fact, no ambiguity at all that you are my love.

Remember the time when we first met ? Eons ago? I do. Vividly. I think I was barely out of the school uniform and the wisdom tooth was not even in its infancy. Or so it feels now. And I didn’t know or care to know if you felt like a cradle snatcher. I remember my first sight of you. Equally vividly. Cupid struck! Manmadhan ambu hit bullseye. It was love at first sight and lust at first sight, nothing more and nothing less. And You? My God! What a sight you were. Your dusky complexion, almost bordering on black, which seduced me instantly. Not for me the gori-gori fair n lovely milky white kind. And I think you sensed it too, that very instant. Your figure. Flowing lissomely like a river post a torrential rain. Exuding the fiery halo of the lava from a freshly erupted volcano. Your touch. Warm and welcoming, hot and inviting at the same time. Your smell as you came near. No perfume, no flowers, no aroma, no manmade concoction could match it however much the Shellys and Tagores may try and make me believe otherwise. Natural some said and if so, nature had reserved the very best for you.

From loving you to becoming your slave was but one swift journey. I remember the day when I moved out, in freedom and you moved in with me. Free to love you, beyond spying eyes, beyond stern looks of disapproval and well beyond the well intentioned but terribly annoying and futile words of wisdom which would try to wean me away from you.  How were they to know what you meant to me? My love for you, taller than the tallest mountain, deeper than the deepest ocean. How were they to know your soothing touch which woke me up? A simple touch with which you would steal me away from the sleep which had usurped my attention. The feeling of bliss when I put my arms around you, gingerly first, gradually into a tight hug. And then the first kiss of the day! A peck, a much tighter one and finally a full mouthed deep deep passionate kiss. Again and again. Enough to drive everything away from my conscious, set my mind afire, body reacting to the sheer pleasure of the magic that you weaved on me, hungry heart consumed with desire. A few minutes were all that it took you to reduce me to putty in your hands. And then enlightenment! Mind and body filled with the peace, content, energy and enthusiasm unknown before. Totally satisfied.

The childlike eagerness, the glee I felt as I made my way back home. Knowing you would be waiting equally eagerly to ring me in with a warm embrace. One look at you and I would perk up in a giffy, the tired dog up and running, on his way to welcome the night pregnant with possibilities that lay ahead. Your love, your affection, the attention and I was a new man, rejuvenated, reborn. The headaches and  the hearthaches, the appointments and the disappointments , the frustrations and the outrage, the hard fought wins and the confidence pricking failures, the close shaves, the day of misery fades away into oblivion by the time I am through with you and the world feels not so bad a place after all. Thats you! My peace of mind, my moksha, my nirvana, my holy grail, my elixir of life!

I would be lying if I said that between seeing you and seeing you again you were removed from my conscious. It would be a blatant lie. During boring client presentations, mundane meetings, tasteless luncheons, hectic running around from point to point like a lost ant, never never were you away from my thoughts. It was your memories which made it all tolerable, bearable. If only I could take you along with me, every day, everywhere.

I LOVE YOU! You know I love you. And I never tire of declaring my love for you again and again, as many times as possible. Let there not be an iota of doubt in your or for that matter anyone’s mind about this fact, no ambiguity at all that you are my love. My one and only love. The greatest of God’s creation:

 My cup of strong filter coffee!


PS: The story doesn’t apply to Bangalore where even small ‘Darshinis’ serve awesome filter coffee. Very very relevant to the rest of India where one has to hunt down Annapoornas or Saravana Bhavans for a sip of this necter!


  1. Bwahahahaha. The sweetest love story ever. This girl friend of yours, is sure to envy many around the world as well. How i wish i date her everyday as well :p Well done Ayush ji. May you blessed with more such posts and make me feel better ;)

  2. Enjoyed reading the piece like drinking the first coffee in the morning.
    A write up with Blend of chosen words, with aroma of love .You are a
    Filtered idiot to Love coffee like me !

  3. Thank you Sir! Your choice of words leave that divine taste of the pure variety which remains even hours after the sip. And that 'vadikkattina' idiot statement perked me up faster than the cuppa! It is always good to share one's love and I would look forward to share my 'Lover' with you someday!

  4. hmmmm reaally superb choice of words!!! sir ofr the cup of cofee!!!

  5. Welcome. I dont mind sharing 'this' lover of mine!

  6. My kinda love story for sure!!! But I cheat on the filter coffee with espresso, cappuccino and even Mocchiato!